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Confessions of an Antinatalist - download pdf or read online

By Jim Crawford

ISBN-10: 0989697266

ISBN-13: 9780989697262

ISBN-10: 1616583452

ISBN-13: 9781616583453

Existence is a mix of solid and undesirable, or in order that they say. hassle is, there is no strategy to confirm the place a selected lifestyles could fall alongside fortune's spectrum. for each baby born into the lap of luxurious, there is one other born close to a knife. There are not any promises as to what could transpire because the rapid current unfolds into the doubtful destiny. issues swap immediately. issues, notwithstanding, are convinced. every person will endure. and everybody will die. again to the place we got here from. figuring out this, and knowing complete good that any specific lifestyles embodies the opportunity of experiencing severe soreness and disappointment unceasing in certain cases is procreation well worth the risk?

Jim Crawford doesn’t think it really is. In Confessions of an Antinatalist, Crawford displays on what it capacity to exist within the abdominal of a ravening serpent-life whose merely prey is itself, and whose enamel are very, very sharp.

Jim Crawford writes engagingly, persuasively, and (despite the bleak subject) humorously. i'm hoping that Confessions of an Antinatalist will benefit from the large readership it deserves.

–David Benatar, writer of Better by no means to were: The damage of entering Existence

no matter if one loathes the assumption of antinatalism on its face, the questions that Crawford increases are such that everybody will be good recommended to confront, for sometime they are referred to as upon by way of their offspring to reply to them. And Confessions of an Antinatalist dares them to come back up with solutions they could stand by means of in stable conscience.

–Thomas Ligotti, writer of The Conspiracy opposed to the Human Race

Jim Crawford needs he'd by no means been born. If that makes him sound like a sour, indignant misanthrope, he isn't (at least, no longer all of the time). Confessions of an Antinatalist is a wry, sincere, and open-eyed advent to a philosophy most folk easily refuse to contemplate. in any case, what should be flawed with human life? Crawford solutions in actual fact: every little thing.

–Mikita Brottman, writer of Thirteen Girls

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