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By Donald K. Yeomans

ISBN-10: 0471610119

ISBN-13: 9780471610113

Incomplete dossier: pages 141-358, 474-496 are passed over

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2000) Abundance evolution of intermediate mass elements (C to Zn) in the Milky Way halo and disk. Astron. Astrophys. 359, 191–212. Gratton R. G. and Sneden C. (1991) Abundances of elements of the Fe-group in metal-poor stars. Astron. Astrophys. 241, 501–525. Gratton R. G. and Sneden C. (1994) Abundances of neutroncapture elements in metal-poor stars. Astron. Astrophys. 287, 927–946. Hartmann K. and Gehren T. (1989) Metal-poor subdwarfs and early galactic nucleosynthesis. Astron. Astrophys. 199, 269–270.

2001), and the s-process isotopic patterns of the heavy elements exhibited by mainstream SiC provide the most convincing argument for their origin in carbon stars (see below). 1 Mainstream Grains Figure 5 Aluminum and carbon isotopic ratios of individual presolar SiC grains. Symbols and sources for the data are the same as those for Figure 3. Mainstream grains have 12C/13C ratios between 10 and 100 (Figure 2). , 2002; Nittler and Alexander, 2003) that are roughly in agreement with an AGB origin.

1992) could have formed by exsolution, there can be little doubt that interior grains in graphite must have formed prior to the condensation of the spherules. 4 ANALYSIS TECHNIQUES Although the abundance of carbonaceous presolar grains in meteorites is low, once they are identified, almost pure samples can be prepared and studied in detail. , 2000). While only averages over many grains are obtained in this way, it allows the measurement of trace elements such as the noble gases and heavy elements that cannot be analyzed otherwise.

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Comets: A Chronological History of Observation, Science, Myth, and Folklore by Donald K. Yeomans

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