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Ciba Foundation Symposium 205 - Dental Enamel by CIBA Foundation Symposium PDF

By CIBA Foundation Symposium

ISBN-10: 0470515309

ISBN-13: 9780470515303

ISBN-10: 0471968722

ISBN-13: 9780471968726

The molecular mechanisms and protein species linked to the mineralization of mature dental the teeth are lively components of study. This publication specializes in particular components of study together with the structural chemistry, protein biochemistry and genetics of teeth improvement.


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36 SASAKI ET AL SECRETORY AMELOBLASTS 37 Ameloblasts synthesize and secrete these enamel proteins, particularly acidic enamelins, immediately before the appearance of apatite crystals. Such acidic enamelins have been hypothesized to have a role in the nucleation of enamel crystals (Deutsch et al1995), whereas amelogenins are postulated to be involved in the control of crystal growth (Aoba & Moreno 1989) (Fig. 11). These enamel proteins are, therefore, regarded as participating in enamel mineralization through the promotion of nucleation and regulation of apatite crystal growth.

In the ribosomes, RER cisterns, Golgi saccules, condensing vacuoles and secretion granules (Nanci et al 1987, Yanagisawa 1989) (Fig. 13). The forming enamel matrix surrounding the Tomes’ processes was also intensely labelled by immunogold particles (Fig. 14). Such results are highly consistent with those of the previous autoradiographic studies described above. The amino acids of enamel proteins are incorporated into peptides and larger proteins, which are further glycosylated and concentrated into specific secretion granules in the Golgi apparatus, and subsequently transported to the secretory pole FIG.

At earlier (more incisal or occlusal) levels, there are bands that display pits. These often have prism boundary discontinuities projecting to the very surface and are followed by bands where the enamel secretory ability has recovered, permitting the formation of nonprismatic and nearly smooth-surfaced tissues. e. because the daily formation rateis low, the height of the &€representing its deiidency is also low). Start-up zone features The union of enamel with dentine is intimate, there being no hard and fast dividing plane between the two.

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Ciba Foundation Symposium 205 - Dental Enamel by CIBA Foundation Symposium

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