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Download e-book for iPad: C62.36-2000 IEEE Standard Test Methods for Surge Protectors by IEEE


ISBN-10: 0387909745

ISBN-13: 9780387909745

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After application of the current impulse, the surge protector shall be tested for any relevant failure modes (see Clause 9), which shall then be verified. Terminal combinations appropriate to the application shall be specified for testing. For basic Configuration 4, terminals X1, X 2 or Y 1, Y2 may be connected together to create a common terminal for the simultaneous test. Different peak current levels and waveforms may be appropriate for various combinations of surge protector terminals. None of the relevant failure modes shall occur.

6 Current reset test The purpose of this test is to verify that resettable, series-connected, current-protective devices in a surge protector revert to their quiescent state within a specified duration after having limited an abnormal current. 1 The surge protector, mounted as intended to be used, shall be placed in a chamber maintained at the specified test temperature. The air flow shall be controlled to provide a free-convection heat-transfer environment, unless otherwise specified. The surge protector shall be allowed to stabilize at the test temperature.

1—Terminal connections for multiport surge protectors 48 Unshielded paired conductor Shielded paired conductor X1 Outside plant Tip Outside plant Tip X2 Outside plant Ring Outside plant Ring CX N/A Outside plant shield Y1 Terminal equipment or central office Tip Terminal equipment or CO Tip Y2 Terminal equipment or CO office Ring Terminal equipment or CO Ring CY N/A Terminal equipment or CO shield Coaxial Twinaxial W1 Outside plant center conductor Outside plant center Conductor 1 W2 N/A Outside plant center Conductor 2 CW Outside plant shield Outside plant shield Z1 Terminal equipment center conductor Terminal equipment center Conductor 1 Z2 N/A Terminal equipment center Conductor 2 CZ Terminal equipment shield Terminal equipment shield AC power (mains) Copyright © 2000 IEEE.

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C62.36-2000 IEEE Standard Test Methods for Surge Protectors Used in Low-Voltage Data, Communications, and Signaling Circuits by IEEE

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