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British Parliamentary Election Results 1885–1918 by F.W.S. Craig PDF

By F.W.S. Craig

ISBN-10: 0333169034

ISBN-13: 9780333169032

ISBN-10: 0333171365

ISBN-13: 9780333171363

ISBN-10: 0333171535

ISBN-13: 9780333171530

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859 Note:1916: Terrett was the nominee of the London Trade Union Protest Committee. He opposed the controls which had been imposed by the Central Control Board (Liquor Traffic). L. Cohen W. L. Cohen J. 7 J. Aird E. Routledge c J. Aird T. Terrell c L -:mr --6:4 J. H. 4 J. W. C. Money A. C. 6 A. C. 0 A. Strauss LB. 4 Candidate tAt. Hon. H. Skinner tW. Lawrence tAt. Hon. Lord Randolph Churchill Rev. P. 0 L lnd L c L 1)o6 1,807 [Appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer] 1886 (11/8) At. Hon. Lord Randolph Churchill 1892 c Unopp.

M. P. W. W. Ford c L L H. Myer W. Houghton-Gastrell D. W. Horner L c lnd L lnd C W. Houghton-Gastrell H. Myer c W. Houghton-Gastrell H. 5 ---329 Notes:1906: Naoroji was the nominee of the London Liberal and Radical Union. Horner was refused re-adoption due to pending bankruptcy proceedings. He was subsequently adjudicated a bankrupt. L. W. L. Bristowe 0. E. Tritton Dr. W. E. Tritton Unopp. E. S. W. S. W. Lawrence, Bt. S. Samuel G. 9 32 L L L Unopp. 3 tRt. Hon. Viscount Lewisham tB. 6 Rt. Hon. Viscount Lewisham G.

Elevation to the Peerage- Lord Glenesk] 1895 (28/11) Lord Warkworth c Unopp. 1900 Earl Percy c c Unopp. L. S. R. 1 Lord Warkworth became Earl Percy in 1899 upon his father's succession as Duke of Northumberland. 7 E. Baggallay Dr. B. 6 E. Baggallay M. H. 4 Marquess of Carmarthen J. Hill c Marquess of Carmarthen R. G. Head, Bt. Hon. E. W. C. Mowbray, Bt. c Unopp. C. Mowbray, Bt. c Unopp. H. Seaverns D. 0 D. H. Seaverns c D. H. 3 Candidate R. O'C. Power J. Fielding R. H. H. Beaufoy P. H. F. L. H.

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British Parliamentary Election Results 1885–1918 by F.W.S. Craig

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