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British Parliamentary Election Results 1832–1885 by F. W. S. Craig (eds.) PDF

By F. W. S. Craig (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1349023493

ISBN-13: 9781349023493

ISBN-10: 1349023515

ISBN-13: 9781349023516

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W. E. Way 1859 1865 1868 3,185 2,960 5,024t W. Way T. M. Hogg W. Tite L W. Tite D. M. Hogg 37 L L c Unopp. Unopp. ) (Two Seats) Election Party Electors Candidate 5,182 Viscount Chelsea J. D. C. D. Hayter W. Forsyth C. D. P. D. Hayter, Bt. R. Wodehouse R. J. Smyth L L c c 2,712 2,700 2,359 2,241 L Unopp. D. Hayter, Bt. H. Whitbread S. Crawley tF. Polhill F. Polhill S. H. Whitbread F. Polhill **H. Stuart *S. Crawley L L 599 486 483 c 490 403 383 c c 467 419 412 c c 433 421 410 L 453 432 392 c L L L F.

Langdale tH. W. Hogg H. Burton J. W. L. Fox J. Clay G. L. L. Murray 1841 1,073 J. W. L. Fox c c 1847 1,357 J. L. L. Goldsmid, Bt. c L 543 542 257 Hon. C. Lawley W. A. Glover L L L 611 584 497 1852 1,405 L [Resignation of Lawley] 1854 (31 /7) 1,333 Hon. H. W. Hastings c L 493 192 1857 1,136 Hon. F. A. Wells L L L 566 537 492 c 579 401 L 605 539 439 54 [Election of Glover declared void on petition] 1857 (11/8) 1,136 1859 1,210 H. Wells R. Walters H. R. A. R. G. ) (Two Seats) Party Election Electors Candidate 1865 1,239 H.

W. S. H. H. Smith Hon. W. H. Smith Sir C. Russell, Bt. F. Buxton, Bt. J. H. H. Smith Sir C. Russell, Bt. J. Morley Sir A. H. Smith 1885 (29/6) c c L L c c 7,648 6,584 6,284 L L 9,371 8,681 4,749 3,435 c Unopp. c c L L 9,093 8,930 6,564 6,443 c Unopp. c Unopp. Petition:1868: Dismissed (Smith only) Note:1833: Hobhouse had abstained in a vote in the House of Commons on the repeal of the (11/5) House and Window taxes. He resigned as Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and decided to seek re-election in order to give his constituents an opportunity to endorse his actions.

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British Parliamentary Election Results 1832–1885 by F. W. S. Craig (eds.)

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