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By Lars Bo Christensen

The booklet of adjustments has continually been considered as essentially the most very important, but additionally such a lot enigmatic, chinese language classics. Lars Bo Christensen’s coherent and significant translation of the unique middle - the divination guide - could be learn via a person and is supported through vast facts and a whole thesaurus.

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Consists of bu 卜 which means “to divine”, and of two 土 one on top of the other thus forming 圭 which is the character for an elongated jade tablet. It is difficult to see how this should have any relevance to divination. However, 圭 has always consisted of six lines, and although others may regard 卦 as radical and phonetic I believe the meaning could be “divination with six lines”. Yao 爻 is the character for the lines of a hexagram. 爻 was also used in older times on bronzes and oracle bones and usually looked like .

Calmness. 53. Gradual development towards marriage – 54. Avoiding the wrong marriage. Both mention marriage 女歸 / 歸妹 in title lines. 55. Don’t worry – 56. Be alert. 57. Depressed – 58. Uplifted. 59. Spreading – 60. Limitation. 61. Inner confidence – 62. Disruption of confidence. 63. After – 64. Before. Both are about crossing the river. H63 title line: 既濟亨小利 H64 title line: 未濟亨小狐. Both have 濡其尾 in line 1 and 濡其首 in line 6. Also both hexagrams have 曳其輪 and 伐鬼方三 年. 5. EXAMPLES OF RELATIONS OF LINES OF SAME LEVEL IN THE PAIRS When taking a look at the increasing qualities of the six lines within a hexagram, and then comparing them in pairs there is clearly a relation of the meaning of lines of the same level.

Not everything is perfect. 4. Gain from others. 5. Acting to help good or acting to avoid disaster. 6. An overturning of the situation to the worse or the better. HEXAGRAM 43 AND 44 0. Getting your way or not. 1. Don’t act if you can’t succeed. 2. Good preparation and wrong preparation. 3. The resistance is too strong. 4. You can only give what is wanted by the other part. 5. Receive good—reject bad. 6. By being hard and bold you achieve what you want. 1 64x7 lines +2 extra in H1 and H2=450. 2 Examples of contradicting lines in the same hexagrams: H3 line 2-4.

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Book of Changes - The Original Core of the I Ching by Lars Bo Christensen

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