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Betrayals and Treason: Violations of Trust and Loyalty - download pdf or read online

By Nachman Ben-yehuda

ISBN-10: 0813397766

ISBN-13: 9780813397764

ISBN-10: 1429486937

ISBN-13: 9781429486934

Betrayal and Treason examines betrayals as violations of either belief and loyalty. It bargains a typology in line with club in or out of collectives in the contexts of secrecy/non-secrecy. The e-book indicates that betrayals contain such different types as espionage, whistle-blowing, infidelity, political turncoating, conversions, collaboration with occupying forces, informers, mutinies, defections, strike-breakers, expert, highbrow, and overseas betrayals, human rights violations, surveillance, assassinations, and kingdom backed terror. every one of the types is gifted with engaging, stimulating, and acceptable real-life illustrations and narratives.The booklet specializes in treason, examines varied cultures (European international locations, Israel, Canada, the us) and such sessions as global warfare II, the conquest of Mexico, and appears at such figures as Benedict Arnold, Ezra Pound, Edward VIII, Malinche, Vindkun Quisling, Lord Haw Haw, Tokyo Rose, and a number of others. seeing that international struggle II is a wonderful interval in which you possibly can research problems with treason, and because there was such an elevated curiosity in international warfare II, this booklet locations a specific emphasis on that interval and warfare. Betrayal and Treason is unique in its conceptual framework, and in its breadth and intensity of assurance. but judging through the quantity of books released on comparable issues some time past, there can infrequently be a doubt that there has consistently been a real call for and "hunger" for an inclusive and integrative publication resembling this one. by means of providing a brand new and interpretive framework for betrayals, this ebook can serve either students and lay humans alike in gaining a higher figuring out of this kind of advanced and interesting habit as betrayal.

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There are different types and degrees of betrayal. W r e the viofations of trust and. loyalty carried out by one person or by a group? Mihat was the social stabs of the individud c ~ group? r 'The contat in whi_h the bettayai occurs is of crucial importmce. :In pluralistic cultures the meming of '"membership" in a collective can become extremely probhatic. n e s e problems am complicated further by t-he meaning one attades to "1oyyalty""and to "trust" Although individuals from two opposing symbolic moral universes m y agree that betrayal involves issues of m b e r s h i p and viola~onsoE trust and loyalty, their application of these concepts will probably be e12tirtJly different, To push this m t to its extreme, a Pjazi and a Jew may agree that my argument E15;11(;lingthe nabre of betrayal is valid, but they may choose entimly different cases and may even interpret &em ha contradictory mamer, rendering their initial agreement irdevant.

Armed guard brought: to the Garden of Gethsemme near Jerusaleln to arrest Christ, who went there to pray with the Apostles Collawing the Last Supper. , was the one whO, underneath that facade of friendship, trust, and loyalty, betrayed him. The traitor in this narrative plays a powerful cdtural script, m i l e he appew"o be a cliose and loyal friend, he is deceitful. Allhougfii Judas"s motives aren't tntimly clear, he is constructed as m archetypical traitor. The man who pretends to be trustworthy one of "us," and loyal actually errzhodies the opposite traits, H e is nut loyal to the gmup but to that inanirnate object cailed money; he is engaged h deliberately misleading behavior, which projects loplty m d love, while in fact, he is very host;ile.

A lie of a persm who pretends to be honest and interested, but is in fact manipulatrive, uninterested, a d dishmest. Emotionally, this i s a rather exptnsivc combination. -The lie and deception seem to be clearer when the act of betrayal is on the personal level than on the national, or state, level, 'This interpretation makes it clear that often m act af betrayal vialates, on the personal level, an Fnragined consensus regarding shared interclsts and personal identifies and, on the collective level, a sense of an imagined c o m m i t y (r2nderson 1,491) and of cdlective memorics and national identities.

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Betrayals and Treason: Violations of Trust and Loyalty by Nachman Ben-yehuda

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