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Read e-book online Being a philosopher : the history of a practice PDF

By D W Hamlyn

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Authority in the form of Aristotle’s works, and sometimes other things, including the Scriptures, is appealed to where it is THE MIDDLE AGES AND RENAISSANCE 37 judged relevant, and a final determination of the appropriate answer to the question is given. It is perhaps surprising that so much great philosophy came to fruition in this context, given that so much weight is attached to the corpus of previous philosophical thought, and given the fact that, officially at any rate, theology sets the parameters for philosophical inquiry.

During the years leading up to Descartes and Cartesianism there were revivals of other, and older, philosophical ways of thinking, apart from Platonism. 8 There was also a revival of Scepticism arising from a new translation into Latin of Sextus Empiricus, and a use of Sextus’ arguments by Montaigne (1533–1592). Francis Bacon attempted to codify the principles of the new science in a way which, perhaps somewhat unfairly, manifested an opposition to Aristotle.

E. at the end of the thirteenth century, there was a long queue of qualified bachelors waiting to give their inaugural lecture in order to become regent masters, and as there was only one Franciscan chair regent masters held the chair for one year only. A student seeking to qualify in theology was required to qualify in arts first, taking the BA by following courses in the seven liberal arts—first the trivium of Latin grammar, logic and rhetoric, and then the quadrivium of arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy.

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Being a philosopher : the history of a practice by D W Hamlyn

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