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Begonia Brown: A Philadelphia Story by Julia Press Simmons PDF

By Julia Press Simmons

ISBN-10: 1616239042

ISBN-13: 9781616239046

Begonia's carefree global has been grew to become the wrong way up. pressured to turn into the top of her loved ones she has to alternate her paintbrush in for a switchblade, and her love of artwork right into a love affair with the hood. mendacity, stealing, and turning methods, Begonia will do any and every little thing she will be able to to guard her sisters from the ugliness of the realm. notwithstanding, it is absolutely not enough... while her more youthful sister Violet, desirous to break out the hell her lifestyles has turn into is seduced via an up and coming nook boy, and their child sister Daisy is riddled with sickness which may be deadly if now not cared for, Begonia is stuck among the demanding knocks of the streets and the nightmare of her domestic existence. From the seriously acclaimed writer of Strawberry Mansion comes the story of Begonia Brown. Raised within the unforgiving streets of North Philadelphia, Begonia Brown is unquestionably a manufactured from her surroundings, younger, ruthless, and criminally minded.

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She watched as a young girl swung her toddler up into her arms. The baby was giggling and squealing with joy. Violet smiled, thinking of Daisy. God, please let her be okay! A lone tear worked its way down Violet’s cheek and she wiped it away quickly, looking around to make sure no one noticed. She wondered what Kyle was doing. It was too early for him to be posted on the block. Ms. Kelly put a plate of food in front of Violet and she dug into it before it hit the table. Violet stuffed a sausage in her mouth and Ms.

Begonias, Violets and Daisies, and much like those flowers, we were showered with a love that rivaled sunrays. We knew nothing of pain, or sorrow, or just how cruel the world could be until the day God saw fit to call Grandma on home. Her heart stopped two weeks after Daisy was born. My mother smoked us homeless two weeks after that. Now with Grandma gone and mommy on a constant crack high, it's up to me to keep our little family together, and you best believe I'll stop at nothing to do just that.

Why in the hell are you staring at her? ” “If you’re not eating, then you’re leaving. ” Violet stood up and locked eyes with Kyle. The look of pity on his face was too much for her to bear. She turned on her heels and ran to the bathroom. Chapter Five Begonia stood in the bedroom that she shared with her sisters and waited for her mother to leave. She walked over to the window and stared down at the back yard. The leaves were beginning to turn a yellowish brown and fall to the dirt below. Her mind was racing and her breath came hard and fast.

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Begonia Brown: A Philadelphia Story by Julia Press Simmons

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