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Bedford Square - download pdf or read online

By Anne Perry

ISBN-10: 0449005828

ISBN-13: 9780449005828

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He must have moved,” he replied, still unable to rid himself of his fear for Cornwallis. “I’m sorry … it was on his doorstep that the body was found. ” It was only towards the end of dinner, when he was eating the baked egg custard, that he even thought of the snuffbox and realized that he had told her a good deal less than the truth. But there was no point in distressing her by adding that now. It would worry her for nothing. She could not help. He was too absorbed in his own thoughts to notice her silence as anything but companionable.

Though yer never know yer chances, like. ” Pitt smiled wryly. He noticed that the constable had abandoned doing it himself and considered Pitt the one to work the gentry of Bedford Square and ask them if they had happened to notice a corpse on the doorstep, or even a fight in the street, as they returned from their revels. “If I have to,” Pitt said dourly. ” “No sir. ” “I don’t suppose you have any idea who he is? ” “No sir, I in’t never seen ’im afore. I don’t reckon as ’e belongs ’ere. ” “Yes, go and find him.

It was said that the Queen was beside herself with anger. But then she was rather a straitlaced and forbidding woman even at the best of times. Ever since Prince Albert had died of typhoid fever, nearly thirty years before, she seemed to have lost all pleasure in life and was fairly well determined to see that everyone else did too. At least that was what Charlotte had heard said, and the Queen’s rare public appearances did nothing to disprove it. The Prince of Wales was a spendthrift, self-indulgent, gluttonous; and wildly and regularly unfaithful to his wife, the long-suffering Princess Alexandra, most particularly with Lady Frances Brooke, who was also intimately admired by Sir William Gordon-Cumming.

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Bedford Square by Anne Perry

by David

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