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Awaken Healing Light - download pdf or read online

By Mantak Chia

ISBN-10: 0935621466

ISBN-13: 9780935621464

Incorporated during this booklet are new spinal chi kung warmups to fast energize any meditation. The reader also will how to mix sexual ardour with a loving middle contained in the physique to alleviate sexual-emotional frustration and accelerate religious development.

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62 - Chi How to Increase and Restore the Original Chi Focusing your vital Chi until it is supremely soft, can you be like a baby? —Lao Tsu If we have a free moment during the day, it is helpful to turn the senses and sexual desires inward and fix the mind, eyes, and heart on the Original Force. This will help conserve and increase the Force (Fig. 14). Proper Breathing and the Microcosmic Orbit One of the major reasons for practicing the Microcosmic Orbit is to return the body to a state of innocence and virtue, as in infancy when our energy was pure and full.

He is a member of the American Medical Association and a licensed acupuncturist. He has studied and practiced Chi Kung since he was 12. He is widely read in Taoist texts and takes every opportunity to talk to Chi Kung practitioners. He has authored a book in Chinese Chi Kung and Healing and one in English, Report of the National Clearing House on Meditation and Relaxation. - 30 - An Overview of Taoist Inner Alchemy Chapter 1 An Overview of Taoist Inner Alchemy The Foundations for Transformation: External and Internal Alchemy For mare than five thousand years, the Taoist masters researched and developed various practices to attain happiness and immortality.

Although astrology is only one esoteric aspect of cosmic study, the effects of stellar energies on humans are real, just as the radiation from the sun (which is also a star) is real. Each day of a person’s life reflects a continuing need to absorb energy from the planets, stars, and cosmic particles. The absorption of these energies from the earth and stars nourishes the organs, glands, senses, soul, and spirit of a human being. Outer Universe Inner Universe Fig. 6 Human life, birth, death, good and bad fortunes are influenced by light, sound, and frequency.

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Awaken Healing Light by Mantak Chia

by James

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